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I don't know about you...

I don't jump up and down when someone mentions the name Metallica.
I don't fantasize about any of the Metallica members.
I do however foam at the mouth and want to kill people when I hear Battery.
I do hit trash cans and pedestrians when I hear Master of Puppets in my car.
I have won a fistfight because Justice for all came on the jukebox.
I consider myself a true fan of the patron saints of Metal.
So rock on and fuck it all.

You are by far as much of a Metallica freak as me
...Maybe you know too much? A big hell yeah and
you rock! You have joined the ranks with me as
being a near Metallica stalker.

How well do you know your Metallica?
brought to you by Quizilla

~~~~~The Captain~~~~~
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I took that quiz, and got the same results.
Metallica is my life, I know I have alot of System of a Down in my user info, but I hit a big SOAD mood swing.

I know what you mean about all the jumping around and such, when Master of Puppets plays I start head banging in a mad rage, and jump around with a mosh pit like headache afterwards. And when Fuel plays I find myself singing along and in this extremely good mood. Sanitarium (my favortie song) inspires me into anything, and Trapped Under Ice makes me want to kill someone.

And haha I know what you mean by the way you act when someone says "metallica" I freak out and demand to know what they're tlaking about whether I know them or not.

Nice to see a true Metallica fan :) \m/
Thanks, the way I act when I hear Metallica sometimes even scares me

I added you by the way, hope you don't mind.

~~~~~~The Captain~~~~~~

oh no I dont mind at all :)
Metallica KICKS Major ass.....!!!!!!