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All greetings! I the newcomer therefore at once I want to be presented: my name is Peter Suitkin, me of 18 years, I listen Metallica 7 years. Itself I play on a guitar (lead) but I am at times involved in various teams as the sessional musician to play on bass, lead, less often - a rhythm.
My first album Metallica-Kill'em all, to me of it was given by the friend. First I "heard" only music, then only voice, and now I hear and I feel (!) all together and it is healthy!
Most of all I love the first 4 albums, the others it is less, and St. Anger than me, I admit have disappointed:
1) I like solo;
2) Where there returning to sources?
So... all greetings, listen MetallicA and metall up your ass!!!!!
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